Que Sera Sera Sportfishing

Half Moon Bay Fishing Charters, California
An excellent experience for groups of
6 or less.


Sport Fishing (Departure times flexible)
We fish for salmon from south of Pidgeon Point to north of the Farallon Islands and
into the coast. The salmon run usually starts south the first of the season and progresses north. Half Moon Bay has excellent access to the salmon because of it’s geographic location. The early part of the season is usually excellent fishing with limits pretty common. Late in the season the fish are often fewer in number but are frequently called “hogs” or “slugs” because of their large size. Salmon and rockfish trips are usually about 7 to 8 hours.
  Rock fishing is generally good the year around. We suggest you check our Fishing Regulation link prior to scheduling your trip.
  Tuna fishing is my favorite. Not only can the fishing be awesome but also the fringe benefit of watching sea life with all the porpoises, humpback and grey whales with the occasional blue whale makes for a spectacular day. Our trips last approximately 12 hours and sometimes take us up to 50 miles offshore.
To contact, call or write
Captain Dale Walters, owner/operator
Walters Coastal Charters
P.O. Box 2728
Santa Clara, CA. 95055
eMail : dalewalters@comcast.net